On the eve of his ¨Invicto Tour¨, Veneno HILL arrives at PimentonStudio, to premiere 5 songs with a harsh, rock, stoner resonance; This LIVE is accompanied by a wild sound that runs over and hooks, captured completely live by Newball Productions; elements that together make this a LIVE that demonstrates the evolution within this audiovisual cycle conceived by PimentonStudio and by Productions Newball.

At the pinnacle of this long 9-month project, we proudly present 5 songs orchestrated by Danny Pelay, Arlex Castañeda, Marlon Morales and Daniel Acevedo, who brilliantly combine desert rock, a strong and heavy bass accompanied by a fast and rough percussion channeling the you vibrate and the energy that is constantly on your face throughout the LIVE.

The powerful and changing vocalization of Arlex Castañeda restores control to the sound of Veneno HILL, while the screams emitted by Danny Pelay’s guitar invite insanity again. The band works between balances of powers, accurate notes, bold lyrics and constant energy.