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Lavu Duban – Coyote intro

Get to know the story behind the cover photo, come to Silveria and see what happened there

Descuidado Ad – Grupo Cuatricentenaria

Sometimes you can’t get everything under control, sometimes it’s for reasons you can’t understand and other times… it’s just your fault.

Sao Bento – Cultural Mall Ad

a shopping center with a different proposal, focused on the appreciation of culture and values

PimentonFest 2013

Our very own music festival just to celebrate our birthday, what else we can ask for?

Making of Jose Rojo – Sombras en la pared

A sneak peak of the process behind the animation production.

GeekpillGirls Charlotte Ramírez

In this audiovisual cycle that Geekpill brings, the protagonists will be a taste for fashion, nature, art and feminine beauty.

Veneno Hill Live@PimentonStudio

On the eve of his ¨Invicto Tour¨, Veneno HILL arrives at PimentonStudio, to premiere 5 songs with a harsh, rock, stoner resonance

Cacao Express – Asi suena la tierra

Follow the story of a little alien trying to find something cool for his planet

Demo Reel – Food 2014

Compilation of various food sessions made during 2014.

Sekoya – Te

Nothing like a relaxing tea after a good day of work